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All Change [Jul. 3rd, 2015|03:29 pm]
Well OK, not all change but some change doesn't have the same ring to it. In explanation to my previous entry, expressive if not enlightening, I have accepted a new job.

As of the 10/08 I will be the Digital and Retail Portfolio manager at Ladbrokes. Given that I got the call asking me if I was interested while I was at Risk as Sky, it was great timing. A shame that I failed to get redundant though.

Looking forward to the new challenge.
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2015|04:17 pm]


That is all for now.
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It is done! [Jul. 27th, 2012|12:47 pm]
Well, it have been a long time since posting on here but then I have never been a great blogger or diary keeper.

Anyway, we have moved! We now have our own place once again, no landlord, just our space. As appears to be traditional, the back garden needs a lot of work but other than that it is pretty much exactly what we wanted.

Now to unpack!
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The Ubiquitousness of Tescos [May. 9th, 2011|02:54 pm]
I know that a lot of people are uncomfortable with just how much commercial power Tesco have in this country, with figures of 1 in 6 domestic £ spent with this chain. However my experience today shows that other businesses really don't help themselves.

Case in point Natwest, a bank (apparently).

I went in to a sizable branch of Natwest at lunch time to buy some Australian dollars, $100 of them to be precise.

After an 8 minute queue I made it to a cashier and asked if I could make this currency exchange. He said yes, but that the money wouldn't be available until 'either Tuesday or Wednesday'. I was a little surprised that he couldn't be more specific, but Wednesday was OK for my timescale so I agreed.

I was then asked to enter my chip and pin card to the reader, which I did and then followed the instructions. After some confusion on his part, he asked to see my card and then noted that it was a Lloyds card. He asked if I was a Natwest customer and when I informed him that I was not, he apologised and advised that I was best off going around the corner to Tescos where there was a currency exchange booth which would be able to provide said Aussie dollars!

So I left the bank and purchased my money at the supermarket!

On a complete tangent am I the only one that finds it ridiculous that I can't purchase foreign currency on my debit card without photo id, but can take out cash and proceed without it?
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The Deed is Done [Feb. 25th, 2011|11:35 am]
So I have now formally handed in my notice and indicated that I want to leave at the end of March, 5 weeks notice rather than the three months in my contract. Given that I am currently displaced with no formal end date given, I don't think this is unreasonable.

Surprisingly, given that I have already spelt out to a senior director my intentions, my decision has appeared to come as a bit of a shock to my exec stakeholder whom I informed this morning.

More promises of Jam tomorrow, repeating of how highly regarded I am and how impressed she has been by the speed with which I have taken over the programme and got up to speed with it.

As I am that damn good you would think that they might think to provide some Jam today. When it was pointed out that I would be giving up a three month retention bonus, I pointed out that was I underpaid and would make up the difference in the same time somewhere else. Like in the job I have already excepted....

I really do wonder how these decisions get made......

Next step, see how much of an arse they are going to be about my notice period once they realise that actually, they don't really have anyone to replace me.....
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Things Not Going According To Plan [Feb. 17th, 2011|10:41 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

So it has been a strange couple of weeks...

Firstly what felt like the collective senior management all reassuring me that my job would be safe becauase what I am doing is business critical.

Then the actual personal announcement -

"Unfortunatley your role is displaced (which means redundancy for me) but I really need you to keep doing what you are doing so there will be a retention contract until September"

But as I pointed out, what I am doing isn't going to end before December at the earliest.

"Oh, well until you are done."

This was then followed by repeated 'What the fuck?!?" from said senior management.

Anyway, long story short, I had an interview the following day (last Friday) with Everything Everywhere. They then came back to me on Monday with great feedback and the offer of a second interview.

They then got back to me again on Monday and said that there wasn't a second interview and would I like a job?

So I told my current employers that I didn't want a retention contract, I wanted the redundancy to which I was told that redundancy wasn't an option at the moment as my job existed until December.

Apparently they can do that. I have checked and it does appear to be the case.

So I have told them that I will quit.

This will cause some problems I think but crucially, they will be someone elses problems!
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Here we go again.... [Jan. 27th, 2011|08:28 am]
Total restructure announced, 580 redundancies to come, don't know where that leaves me....

Currently optimistic about my chances.
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Random Thoughts [Nov. 29th, 2010|12:49 pm]
[mood |irritatedirritated]

It took me an hour and 3/4s to drive the 12 miles to work today due to the rail strike. I had to be in as it is the last day of handover for my new programme and I have to meet some key stakeholders. I have no idea how long it will take me to get home. My views on the tube strikers are not printable.

Is it possible in today's mass media, instant reply world for a politician to be anything but asinine and bland? Quotes taken out of context or even misquotes are repeated so quickly and often that they become 'fact'.

Do we really want to live in a world where nothing said by a government official remains private? We all have views about people we do business with, sometimes it is necessary to share those views and being human we sometimes do so in a casual way. Having these leaked and published does not seem to me to be in the public interest.

I need a holiday.

Other than that, as alluded to earlier, I have changed job role once again. 9 Line managers in 36 months, obviously people want to share the love. :)
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Crazy Times [Nov. 16th, 2009|01:41 pm]
[mood |relievedrelieved]

So apologies to all and sundry that I should have contacted in the past month or so and haven't.

In short I have been going through a redundancy situation at work while trying to run a multi million pound project which left me extremely tired and stressed to the point of being no use to anyone.

The boot was magnificently supportive.

Anyway the redundancy thing is over and I still have a job and thus normal service is now being resumed. Apologies for being crap to those who deserve better.
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Telephone Numbers [Aug. 30th, 2009|06:59 pm]
My telephone has been laundered and thus no longer works, so please email me your contact details!

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